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General information

  • Nasa Identifier : 0
  • International Identifier :
  • Status : To be launch
  • Oscar Number :
  • Launch Information

  • Launch Date :2021-08-17
  • Site :Kourou
  • Launcher : VEGA
  • IARU Coordination

  • IARU Coordination step : Coordinated
  • Coordinated ? : true
  • Supporting organisation : DIAEE Sapienza University of Rome
  • Responsible : Fabio Santoni IU0MFM (fabio.santoni@uniroma1.it.nospam)
  • Application Date : 2020-01-15
  • Coordination Date : 2020-04-05
  • URL : http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=717
  • Detailed Information

    Link : Mission description

    A 1U CubeSat Mission. It is managed by students as part of the ESA "Fly your Satellite" Mission. It is aimed at testing orbit and attitude determination by means of ground based optical observation and testing LED based optical communication. **LEDSAT will equip a bespoke digipeater system with both real tile and “store - forward” capabilities for radio-amateur use; the radio-amateur user can define the delay in the retransmission of the message in a range of 0sec to 24hours.



    Beacon Name Frequency Modes CallSign
    Telemetry 1 435.19 MHz GMSK  9600
    GMSK  4800
    GMSK  1200


    Transponder Name Mode Frequency Uplink Frequency Downlink Inverted CTSS Tone
    Digipeater GMSK 1200/9600) 435.19 MHz 435.19 MHz


    Telemetry description

    Decoding LEDSAT

    Cubesat Space Protocol

    Telemetry ReportURL

    Report Mail

    You can send your report to :

    Telemetry Software