"AMATEUR SATELLITE XML Schema" project is to define a data structure in order to help Satellite hamradio people to share information about Amateur Satellites.

Amateur Satellites description is embedded in an XML file. AMATEUR SATELLITE XML Schema defined the way to organise data. It could be used to validate an Amateur Satellites description. The project also maintains a reference Amateur Satellites description (XML format). It also provide some XLT file in order to build HTML file as a sample.



When you want to exploit amateur satellite, you have a lot of information available on internet, but this information is often partial and spread. It is difficult to answer to some basic question like :

Some ham radio people exploit amateur satellite outside. An off-line data referential is needed.


From issue and main uses cases, the goal of the project is not to provide an application but a way to manage an amateur satellite data referential. main requirements are :

Technical solution

Technical choice

After different test and POC (proof of Concept), the final choice is a solution based on XML technology. In order to answer to the main requirements [req-001] to [req-006]. In detail, the technical solution is

All artefact produce for this project are publish on open source licences [TBD] - [req-006]


AMSATSaletlliteList XML Schema file

XML Schema file describe the definition of the data structure used for the satellite description. This definition is a guideline for anybody who want to describe a satellite in the XML database.

AMSATSaletlliteList XML File

AMSATSaletlliteList XML File contents the description of the Amateur satellite. The syntax of the file is validated with the AMSATSaletlliteList XML Schema file. The file contents only satellite using frequency allocated to Hamradio.

AMSATSaletlliteList XSD Files

AMSATSaletlliteList XSD Files give example in order to produce human readable output or configuration file for Ham radio tools (eg satellite prediction tools). With the current version, following XSD files is:


Following tools are used by the project:

Following technology is used by the project: